Monday, June 6, 2011

K-pop: nampak MuDA dARi uSIa...

2NE1’s Dara Park: si Ceria ini, akan berumur 27 (28) tahun tahun ini.. Surprised? muka dya nampak muda..!!!

After School’s Kahi:Leader A.S..cUba teka usia dya...betulkah tekaan anda...???dya akan mencapai usia 32 tahun pda tahun ini...terkejut????macamne dya kekalkn???mybe,,berkat bantuan ahli2 kumpunnya yg jauh lebih muda...

Big Bang’s G-Dragon: G-Dragon is 22 (will be turning 23/24 later this year), tapi bile dyaa dimintak berlakon cute, watch out! Even kita akan rasa dya umr 17 tahun with his adorable cuteness and dorkiness. Don’t let his cute acts food you, though.

BoA: Ratu KPOP, BoA has been around for over a decade. She’s a veteran of the music industry and one would think that over a decade would be old. But guess what? She’ll only be turning 25 (26) on November 5th this year. Still, she has been able to stay young and pretty all this time, despite all the hardships of the music industry. BoA, what’s your secret to staying young?!

JYJ’s Jaejoong: The pretty boy of DBSK/JYJ, Jaejoong, like fellow labelmate BoA, has been around nearly a decade, yet is only 25 (26). Who would’ve thought he was already a quarter century old? At first glance, I would’ve thought that he was 21 (or younger)!comelkan dya,,,,like oppa..:))

KARA’s Seungyeon: Pada tahun lepas diundi no1 artis wanita smiling eyes yg cantik. Dan bile dya syum, she totally doesn’t look her age. Turning 23/24 in a month, this idol has also been thought to look younger than she actually is.

Rain: My HEro,,hihi Rain will be turning 29/30 years old bulan ni. He doesn’t look like it though, betul betul? Thanks to his boyish looks and big smile, this sexy heartthrob will make you think he’s in his late teens/early 20s.

SHINee’s Onew: The dorky leader of SHINee, Onew has been thought by many to be younger looking than some of his groupmates. Onew will be turning 22/23 on December 14 this year and remember when he had that long hair running, then he got it cut short? His haircut made him look so much younger, to that of a young boy. Jealous!

SNSD’s Taeyeon: Need I say more? Known as the “kid leader”, Taeyeon’s small stature and cute personality endears her to so many of us that we forget she is the oldest of all her group members at the tender age of 22/23. After all, one would’ve thought that she had barely hit 20 years of age.

Super Junior’s Leeteuk: In a month, the leader of huge boygroup, Leeteuk, will be 28/29 years old. But with his always-smiling face, coupled with his dimples, it’s hard to think that he will almost be 30 years old in two years! Basically, all members in Super Junior look a bit younger than they actually are.

BEAST’s Yoseob: Ah, Yoseob. Main vocalist of BEAST, this talented singer can act quite cute and confuse you with his actions. He is not the maknae of BEAST, but with his looks and “aegyo”, one would’ve thought he was.

sebenarnya,there have many artis k-pop yg nampak muda dari umur mereka,,ada yg peminat x tahu,,,,wow,,pew rahsia depa yer...nampak muda,cantik $ cute...:))

Assalamualaikum Cinta...khamshamida!!!!

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